We create stories that promote Inclusion for all Children

Each story contains characters and story lines that children can easily relate to.  Each story deals with a different challenge the character is faced with  and  helps the reader realize that they are capabe of anything if they never give up on what they want to do!

Yellow cover for "The Adventures of KatGirl" book by Katherine Magnoli
The Adventures of KatGirl is about a Superhero…in a Wheelchair

Each story touches on a different topic of differences that children may face. There are four stories. They are as follows: The Adventures of KatGirl, about disability bullying. The Adventures of KatGirl and the Birthday Party, that discusses childhood obesity. Then there is The Adventures off KatGirl and the Spelling Bee, about living with deafness and having to use sign language. Lastly,  there is The Adventures of KatGirl and the School Project, that talks about racial bullying during Culture Week at school.  These Books will not only take you on an adventure but will teach your child that first impressions are not always what they seem!

Pete the Private Eye

In addition to KatGirl, make sure you check out Pete the Private Eye! Katherine Magnoli’s new collection of short stories about a boy named Pete who, in spite of living with legal blindness, spends his days solving mysteries for his friends, family, and even strangers!  He accomplishes this by using his magical cane, the language of Braille, his heightened sense of hearing, and never-ending determination! These stories will not only entertain your child but will educate them on the amazing things we all can do if we just try!

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Showing all 6 results